Trains don't just puff around on tracks all day. They stop and pick up people at stations, load and deliver goods to factories and markets, go through tunnels and over bridges. Your wooden railway needs some scenery and destinations to be complete and provide a purpose for all that useful work. You will find structures of all kinds, some with actions, lights and sound effects to enhance your child's railway playtime and keep up the interest in the toy railroad.

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Price Description Notes

These are pre-2013 products made by Tomy/Learning Curve. As of 2013, Tomy/Learning Curve is no longer producing Thomas Wooden Railway. Therefore, we are limited to providing remaining stock until it is gone. However, Fisher-Price has picked up the license and is now in production of Thomas Wooden Railway Destinations, by Fisher-Price, and is rapidly increasing their selection of products. You can find the new 2013 and later products there.
Blue Mountain Mine wooden railway destination
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Blue Mountain Mine, with boulder poised to fall, the tunnel to the Blue Mountain Quarry is in risky territory. Will Rusty be able to dodge danger? Includes the Mountain with tunnel and boulder, and Rusty, the narrow gauge engine.
Light & Sounds Fire Station wooden railway destination
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Lights & Sounds Fire Station, add the station to your layout to get instant response from fire engine Bell in an emergency, and with flashing lights and sirens, too!.
Ol' Wheezy Logging Crane
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Ol' Wheezy Logging Crane, the large Misty Island logging crane who throws his logs onto the waiting logging car.
Talking Railway Morgan's Mine wooden railway destination
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Talking Railway Morgan's Mine, with twists, turns and a hidden waterfall, and the voice of Sir Topham Hatt! Includes mine ore car. more Talking Railway
Talking Railway component
Lights & Sounds Signal Station wooden railway destination
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Lights & Sounds Signal Station, at picturesque Suddery Station you can control the stop gates, lights and bells with a tug of the lever. Good-hearted engine Stanley is included, too.
Diesel Fuel Depot
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Diesel Fuel Depot, watch the fuel level go down as the oil is loaded into a diesel engine, and transfer your cargo of barrels, too! Includes Diesel engine, barrel wagon with barrel.
Drawbridge with Salty engine wooden railway destination
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Drawbridge with Salty, the Tidmouth drawbridge lifts its spans at the twist of a lever. Includes Salty engine and two short straight track pieces to go under the bridge.
Lights & Sounds Signal Station wooden railway destination
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Knapford Station, Thomas, Annie and Clarabel are included with beautiful, 4-track covered Knapford Station. Hear Sir Topham Hatt call out to the engines as the pass through! For Age 3+.
Captain's Shed Story Pack
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Captain's Shed Story Pack, with Captain the rescue boat, working crane, and an ejector to push the boat out the door! Inspired by the story Misty Island Rescue.
Steamworks Repair and Go Station
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Expansion Bridge, bridge with a twist! Expand or bend this bridge to fit your layout. Middle span is flexible and expandable to meet your needs! Up to 2-feet wide! Includes 2 ascending tracks.
Talking Railway Stop and Greet Station, Thomas Wooden Railway destination
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Talking Railway Stop and Greet Station, sensor-equipped station detects Talking Railway series engines and delivers appropriate sound effects. Talking Railway
Talking Railway component
Tidmouth Sheds roundhouse and turntable
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Tidmouth Sheds, 5-door roundhouse with 8-way circular switch and roundtable, to house up to 10 of your engines.
Sodor Clock Tower
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Sodor Engine Wash Down, with sudsy water that bubbles and swishes, roller brushes that pull your engine through the wash when cranked, and sound effects.
Roundhouse, Thomas Wooden Railway accessory with switch
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Roundhouse Pack w/Switch and 3 Engines with 5-way switch track (holds 5 engines). Includes engines Thomas, James and Duncan.
Rumblin Bridge for Thomas Wooden Railway
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Roundhouse, with 5-way switch.
Rumblin Bridge for Thomas Wooden Railway
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Rumblin Bridge
Oil Derrick, Thomas Wooden Railway accessory
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Oil Derrick, with oil tanker car. Drill for oil, get a "gusher", then fill your tanker and watch the oil level drop.
All Aboard! Station, Thomas Wooden Railway destination
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All Aboard! Station, with the voice of Sir Topham Hatt, who speaks six different railway phrases.
Cranky the Crane, Thomas Wooden Railway friend
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Cranky the Crane
Cargo Transfer crane, Thomas Wooden Railway destination
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Cargo Transfer, working cargo crane with sound effects, has two side tracks to move cargo from here to there. Includes 2 cargo wagons and 2 magnetic loads.
Quarry Mine Tunnel, Thomas Wooden Railway destination
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Quarry Mine Tunnel, with 8-in ascending track
Deluxe Roundhouse, Thomas Wooden Railway destination
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Deluxe Roundhouse, with doors, sound effects, ramps, skylights, includes Round-About Action Turntable.
Sodor Oil Depot, Thomas Wooden Railway destination
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Sodor Oil Depot, with raising and falling oil level, and oil tanker.
Deluxe Over-the-Track Signal, Thomas Wooden Railway destination
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Deluxe Over-the-Track Signal, with signals and sound effects for two parallel tracks.
Suddery Swing Bridge, Thomas Wooden Railway accessory
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Suddery Swing Bridge, low bridge swings to allow cross traffic below. Includes two ascending tracks.
Sights & Sounds Lighthouse Bridge, Thomas Wooden Railway accessory set
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Sights & Sounds Lighthouse Bridge, with drawbridge, Bulstrode the Barge, lights and sound effects!
Toby's Windmill, Thomas Wooden Railway accessory
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Toby's Windmill, with spinning sails, flour barrel loader, barrel car and two barrels.
Deluxe Railway Crossing, Thomas Wooden Railway destination
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Deluxe Railroad Crossing, road/rail crossing with control tower and signal lights and sounds.
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