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Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends
VHS Video

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Thomas & Friends VHS Video
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VHS Video Collection Also see:
Audio Recordings
DVD Video
Follow the adventures of Thomas and all the other engines and characters from the Island of Sodor with these full color VHS (NTSC) videos. Most have at least seven stories and last about 40 minutes, unless otherwise indicated.
VH-23107 $5.99
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Calling All Engines VHS Video. 60 minutes of train stories and songs includes the feature video Calling All Engines plus four song stops. Reg. $12.99
VH-23107X $11.99
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Calling All Engines VHS Video + Bronze Diesel. 60 minutes of train stories and song includes the feature video Calling All Engines plus four song stops, and the bonus bronze Diesel wooden railway engine. Reg. $16.99
VH-1332 $5.99
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Hooray for Thomas and other adventures. 35 minutes of train stories and song:
Hooray for Thomas,
Edward's Brass Band,
The Refreshment Lady's Stand,
Rheneas and the Roller Coaster,
The Grand Opening,
Best Dressed Engine,
The Red Balloon sing-along song
Reg. $12.99
AB-1335 $5.99
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Percy Saves the Day and other adventures. 35 minutes of train stories and song:
Percy Gets it Right,
Something Fishy,
What's the Matter with Henry,
The Old Bridge,
Trusty Rusty,
Bill, Ben & Fergus,
There Once Was an Engine Who Ran Away sing-along song
Reg. $12.99
AB-1335X $11.99
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Percy Saves the Day VHS Video + Metallic Percy, video above plus metallic finish Percy wooden railway engine. Reg. $16.99
VH-23106X $11.99
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Songs from the Station VHS Video + silver Percy, video plus 60th Anniversary silver Percy engine. 40 minutes of train songs and stories:
A World Around You,
Patience is a Virtue,
Ode to Gordon, Engine Roll Call, Thomas and the Fireworks Display, Thomas and the Tuba, and more
Reg. $16.99
VH-23105X $11.99
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Thomas' Sodor Celebration VHS Video + gold Thomas, video above plus 60th Anniversary gold Thomas engine. Reg. $16.99
AB-23104 $5.99
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It's Great to Be an Engine! VHS Video 60 minutes of video train fun:
Too Hot for Thomas,
Emily's Adventure,
You Can Do It Toby,
Gordon Takes Charge,
Edward the Great,
James Goes Too Far,
Percy & the Magic Carpet, and more
Reg. $12.99
AB-23100 $5.99
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Steamies vs Diesels VHS Video 38 minutes of video train fun:
Thomas to the Rescue,
Henry and the Wishing Tree,
Squeak, Rattle & Roll,
Percy's New Whistle,
Different Sounds,
Getting There 2,
Sounds Song,
Name that Engine 2,
Engine Roll Call
Reg. $12.99
AB-1303 $5.99
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Best of Gordon VHS Video 46 minutes of video train fun:
Gordon Takes a Dip,
Down the Mine,
Whistles and Sneezes,
Gordon and the Famous Visitor,
Wrong Road,
The Trouble with Mud,
Tender Engines,
Gordon and the Gremlin,
Better View for Gordon
Reg. $12.99
AB-1324 $5.99
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New Friends for Thomas & Other Thomas Adventures VHS Video 35 minutes of video train fun:
Gordon and Spencer,
Emily's New Coaches,
The Spotless Record,
Peace and Quiet,
Jack Jumps In,
A Friend in Need,
New Engines in the Shed music video
Reg. $12.99
AB-1323 $5.99
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Thomas' Snowy Surprise & Other Thomas Adventures VHS Video 33 minutes of video train fun:
Thomas' Snowy Surprise,
Jack Frost,
Toby Had a Little Lamb,
Thomas' Christmas Party,
Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree,
Winter Wonderland music video
Reg. $12.99
AB-1314 $5.99
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James & the Red Balloon & Other Thomas Adventures. 35 minutes of video train fun:
James and the Red Balloon,
Twin Trouble,
Edward the Really Useful Engine,
The World's Strongest Engine,
Rusty Saves the Day,
Dunkin' Duncan,
Down By the Docks music video
Reg. $12.99

AB-1290 $5.99
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Percy's Chocolate Crunch & Other Thomas Adventures. 38 minutes of video train fun:
Percy's Chocolate Crunch,
Thomas, Percy and the Squeak,
Gordon Takes a Tumble,
Buffer Bother,
Middle Engine,
Faulty Whistle,
Little Engines music video
Reg. $12.99

AB-1252 $5.99
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Best of Percy VHS Home Video Includes
Percy's Ghostly Trick,
A Scarf for Percy,
Percy Takes a Plung,
Percy's Predicament,
Thomas, Percy & the Mail Train,
Percy Runs Away,
Percy and the Signal,
Percy Proves a Point,
Percy's Promise
Reg. $12.99
AB-1252X $11.99
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Best of Percy Gift Set, includes Percy wooden railway engine and video AB-1252 (see above.) Reg. $16.99
AB-1260 $5.99
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Best of Thomas VHS Home Video Includes
Thomas Gets Bumped,
A New Friend for Thomas,
Thomas, Percy & the Dragon,
Thomas Saves the Day,
Trouble for Thomas,
Thomas & Stepney,
A Big Day for Thomas,
Thomas Meets the Queen,
Really Useful Engine (music video)
Reg. $12.99
AB-1262 $5.99
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Best of James VHS Home Video 46 minutes of jovial James:
A Proud Day for James,
James in a Mess,
Old Iron,
No Joke for James,
Percy, James and the Fruitful Day,
James Goes Buzz Buzz,
Time for Trouble (music video),
Reg. $12.99
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Salty's Secret and other Thomas Adventures VHS video. 34 minutes of Sodor fun:
Salty's Secret,
Harvey to the Rescue,
No Sleep for Cranky,
The Fogman
A Bad Day for Harold,
Elizabeth the Vintage Quarry Truck,
Song - James the Really Splendid Engine
Reg. $12.99
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James Learns A Lesson & Other Stories also including
Thomas & the Conductor,
Foolish Freight Cars,
Thomas Goes Fishing,
Terence the Tractor,
A Proud Day for James,
Thomas & Bertie's Great Race
Reg. $12.99
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Thomas, Percy and the Dragon & Other Stories also including
The Deputation,
Donald & Douglas,
Time for Trouble,
A Scarf for Percy,
The Diseasel,
Edward's Exploits
Reg. $12.99
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James Goes Buzz Buzz & Other Stories also including
Toby's Tightrope,
No Joke for James,
Percy's Promise,
Henry's Forest,
The Trouble with Mud
Reg. $12.99
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Thomas and His Friends Help Out (60 min) also including
Edward Helps Out,
Foolish Freight Cars,
Thomas, Percy & the Mail Train,
Thomas Breaks the Rules,
Down the Mine,
Percy's Promise
Trouble in the Shed,
Donald & Doublas
Saved From Scrap,
Bertie's Chase,
Thomas & Percy's Mountain Adventure
Reg. $12.99
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Sing-Along & Stories including stories:
Peter Sam and the Refreshment Lady,
Bulldog, and songs:
Thomas' Anthem,
Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover,
Gone Fishing,
Let's Have a Race,
Island Song,
Really Useful Engine
Reg. $12.99
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Thomas & His Friends Get Along (60 min) also including
Old Iron,
James In a Mess,
Duck Takes Charge,
Down the Mine,
The Runaway,
Better Late Than Never,
Tenders & Turntables,
Trust Thomas,
Percy Proves A Point,
Percy & the Signal
Reg. $12.99
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Cranky Bugs and Other Stories) also including
Thomas, Percy and Old Slow Coach,
Lady Hatt's Birthday Party,
Busy Going Backwards,
Couble Teething Troubles,
A Better View for Gordon,
Night Train (music video)
Reg. $12.99
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Spills & Chills and other Thomas Thrills including
Toby's Discovery,
Stepney Gets Lost,
Rusty & the Boulder,
Haunted Henry,
Sir Topham Hatt's Holiday,
Duncan Gets Spooked,
Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining (music video)
Reg. $12.99
AB-1224 $5.99
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Make Someone Happy and other Thomas Adventures also including
Thomas and the Rumors,
James & The Trouble with Trees,
A Big Surprise for Percy,
Happy Ever After,
It's Great to Be an Engine (music video)
Reg. $12.99
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Thomas Comes to Breakfast (46 min) also including
Pop Goes the Diesel,
Diesel's Devious Deed,
A Close Shave for Duck,
Gordon Take a Dip,
Double Trouble,
A Cow on the Line,
Trouble in the Shed
Reg. $12.99
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10 Years of Thomas, Collector's Edition. 10 stories, with fan commentary and special grand finale Thomas theme music. (~63 minutes) Includes
Thomas & Berties Great Race,
Henry the Elphant,
Old Iron,
Percy's Promise,
The Trouble with Mud,
James Goes Buzz Buzz,
Terence the Tractor,
All at Sea,
Percy's Ghostly Trick,
Thomas' Anthem Grand Finale (music video)
Reg. $12.99
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Thomas' Christmas Wonderland, (~42 minutes) Includes
Thomas' Christmas Party,
Thomas & the Missing Christmas Tree,
Terence the Tractor,
Thomas & Percy's Christmas Adventure,
The Trouble with Mud,
James Goes Buzz Buzz,
Terence the Tractor,
All at Sea,
Percy's Ghostly Special Funnel,
The Snow Song (music video)
Reg. $12.99

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