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Logan and the Big Blue Engines Set FP Wooden Railway CCX63

Logan and the Big Blue Engines Set FP Wooden Railway CCX63
Logan and the Big Blue Engines has 41 pieces

Meet Logan, a strong little steam shunting engine. Looking here like a dirty diesel, Logan works at the Crosby Coal Co., moving wagons of coal around. When Logan mixes up Gordon and Edward, he has to think fast to save the day and prove he is a Really Useful Engine.

Based on the story Logan and the Big Blue Engines, this set includes the hardcover book which introduces the new engine. With 41 pieces, this intermediate-level wooden railway set includes 2 engines, Logan and Gordon, with a coach and 2 coal wagons. Enough track and switches are included to make a 3-loop layout. Five separate destinations will keep the engines busy. The Cosby coaling depot has 2 lanes of action with a lift on one side which carries a coal wagon up to flip it over, dumping its cargo into whatever wagon lies on the other side. There is a crossing gate with gatehouse, and a small tunnel, the domed 3-platform Knapford Station and a turn-track station, where an engine or small train can be turned around on the track.

Built of wood and sturdy plastic, this set will provide many hours of stimulating play for your little engineers. For Age 3+. By Fisher-Price, model CCX63.

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Logan and the Big Blue Engines Set FP Wooden Railway CCX63
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