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Take-n-Play Thomas & Friends™ die-cast railway toys bring Sodor's biggest export to the playroom in a form that is economical and portable. With engines and rolling stock that are smaller, plastic and die-cast, and with magnetic couplers, Take-n-Play trains are easily collected and bring more play for fewer dollars. Playsets are small and portable, but unfold to take your railway play to places it could never go before. Take-n-Play Thomas trains are great tools for your child's imagination!

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Take-n-Play Thomas Die-Cast Railway: Trains, Engines, Vehicles and Playsets

The following items are high quality non-motorized, free-wheeling, die-cast replicas and accessories of Thomas & Friends™ engines and characters made by Fisher-Price. Train engines are about 3 to 5-inches long. Engines and cars generally have magnetic couplers at both ends. For Ages 3 and up. They are completely compatible with the (discontinued as of 2010) Take Along Thomas trains. Our remaining stock of Take Along Thomas models are included in these lists.

Modeled after the characters in Rev. Awdry's stories about Thomas the Tank Engine and Sodor's other trains, these metal and plastic die-cast railway engines, rolling stock and other vehicles have magnetic couplers so trains can easily be assembled. They are not compatible with wooden railway systems. Older Take-Along Thomas trains by Tomy/Learning Curve are compatible, but their track will not mate with the new track.

Take-n-Play Pull 'n Zoom! Diesel Train X6972
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TP-15842 Take-n-Play Pull 'n Zoom! Diesel Train X6972
Just pull back on the oil tanker, and watch Diesel the greasy engine take off with the tanker following behind! For Age3+.

Take-n-Play Stephen's Sticky Delivery BFG64
more info
TP-32103 Take-n-Play Stephen's Sticky Delivery BFG64
Just like in the video, Stephen managed to spill jelly all over himself and everybody else! Here, Stephen, covered in jelly, pulls two cargo wagons (one ejecting) loaded with the sticky stuff. For Age 3+. Choking hazard-small parts

Take-n-Play James and the Flying Kipper BGF66
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TP-32105 Take-n-Play James and the Flying Kipper BGF66
James pulling his matching tender and a cargo of fish, that ended up frying on his boilder due to a bump with some unavoidable trucks. Includeds ejecting caro car. For Age 3+. Choking hazard-small parts

Take-n-Play Porter's Dockside Dash BGF67
more info
TP-32106 Take-n-Play Porter's Dockside Dash BGF67
Porter, pulling trucks of cargo, was almost completely covered when the cable and pulley fell from the dock crane! For Age 3+.

Take-n-Play Percy's Catapult Cargo Y2915
more info
TP-20494 Take-n-Play Percy's Catapult Cargo Y2915
Percy is pulling two wagons, one carrying a catapult with boulder, followed by one with a large suit of armor. For Age 3+. Choking hazard-small parts

Take-n-Play Stephen & the Treasure Y2916
more info
TP-20495 Take-n-Play Stephen & the Treasure Y2916
Take-n-Play train with old Stephen pulling a large statue and a large treasure chest. For Age 3+.

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