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Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends
VHS Video Media

All VHS videos are NTSC (USA, Canada, most of S. America) tapes featuring Thomas the Tank Engine and his railway friends in Sodor.

Best of Percy VHS Video
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VH-13089 Best of Percy VHS Video
VHS Home Video includes
  • Percy's Ghostly Trick
  • A Scarf for Percy
  • Percy Takes a Plung
  • Percy's Predicament
  • Thomas, Percy & the Mail Train
  • Percy Runs Away
  • Percy and the Signal
  • Percy Proves a Point
  • Percy's Promise

Make Someone Happy T&F VHS Video
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VH-13243 Make Someone Happy T&F VHS Video
Have you ever made someone really happy? For Thomas and his friends, doing good deeds means that you're a "Really Useful Engine". Help Thomas and Gordon build a new playground for some special children. Join in the festivities as James learns that making someone happy really cheers you up, and watch Percy bring an important "Good Luck" package to a very special person. 6 stories and 2 sing-along songs reinforce the theme about helping others.

Saltys Secret VHS Video
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VH-13023 Saltys Secret VHS Video
VHS video. 34 minutes of Sodor fun:
  • Salty's Secret
  • Harvey to the Rescue
  • No Sleep for Cranky
  • The Fogman
  • A Bad Day for Harold
  • Elizabeth the Vintage Quarry Truck
  • Bonus Song - James the Really Splendid Engine

Steamies vs Diesels VHS Video
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VH-13100 Steamies vs Diesels VHS Video
VHS Video 38 minutes of video train fun:
  • Thomas to the Rescue
  • Henry and the Wishing Tree
  • Squeak, Rattle & Roll
  • Percy's New Whistle
  • Different Sounds
  • Getting There 2
  • Sounds Song
  • Name that Engine 2,
  • Engine Roll Call

Calling All Engines! VHS Video + Bronze Diesel
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VH-13059 Calling All Engines! VHS Video + Bronze Diesel
60 minutes of train stories and song includes the feature video Calling All Engines plus four song stops, and the bonus bronze Diesel wooden railway engine.

Songs From the Station VHS Video with bonus silver Percy
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VH-13992 Songs From the Station VHS Video with bonus silver Percy
40 minutes of fun focused on songs featuring Thomas and his friends. 8 songs + 2 stories.

Sodor Celebration VHS Video with bonus train
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VH-13022 Sodor Celebration VHS Video with bonus train
A bonus plated wooden railway engine (Thomas or Duncan) is included in this collection. Stories include: Thomas Saves the Day
Don't Tell Thomas
Spic and Span

Trust Thomas VHS Video
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VH-13004 Trust Thomas VHS Video
40 minutes of video fun:
  • Trust Thomas
  • Mavis
  • Toby's Tightrope
  • No Joke for James
  • Percy's Promise
  • Henry's Forest
  • The Trouble with Mud

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